Thursday, June 28, 2012

The wedding went wonderful. Everyone was sweet; even if I wasn't a part of the family I felt as if I were a part of two families coming together. The bride has been almost a mother to me; I even called her "mom" once during the night. I wore my brown suit with a white shirt and a brown marine corps tie since I couldn't find my nice tobacco sunburst thin tie (think 1970s Fender guitar colors.) It was held at the Excalibur, which was cute; silly, but cute. The banquet was okay, but the servers forgot who the veggie dish went to and I had some filet mignon (sp?) put in front of me for a second. I'd never seen it before, but my "brothers" (i.e. the bride's sons) were at either side of me and both made a move to grab the plate and remind our server of my dietary requirements. After all that, I went with the bride, groom, the bride's two sons, and another (one of the kid's fiancee) up to the suite. They opened up some Cristal. The only champagne I've ever had has been of the $3 type. One of the brothers picked this bottle up in Paris for 80 Euros or something, which they told me was less than half what it would cost here. I didn't get to taste the Dom, the bride and groom drank that bottle at the banquet. From what I was told the Cristal cost like 5 times as much in the states. Feh.

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