Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I certainly wasn’t expecting these past few weeks to turn out like this. After losing my job and the unemployment insurance took its normal bureaucratic time, I didn’t think I’d make it. A few friends and even my father tossed me enough gelt to make it for a bit. The unemployment finally kicked in, just in time, and I thought it’d be an easy few weeks while I looked for a job and took care of business. I was offered a job at another call center, but that was rescinded for some reason.

In the meantime, I’d developed a close friendship. My living situation had become somewhat untenable; one roommate moved in her boyfriend (this wasn’t a problem, they almost never left the master bedroom), however the couch-mouse decided he could do the same thing. Five people in a two bedroom apartment is a bit crowded. Two cats, two guinea pigs, a ferret, a cockatiel, and a black widow makes for a menagerie. I spent more and more time with my new friend instead.

I got a frantic email from one of the roommates. We’d been evicted. It seems that the couch-mouse brought home a car and someone promptly slashed all four of his tires. The apartment management was through with his bullshit, they decided to have it towed. He sat in the car and refused to let them tow it, so they called the cops, and we got evicted. With the couch-mouse no longer in any of our plans, we were scattered, scared, and broke. I decided to wash my hands of it and move on, in with my new friend.

So here I am, living with a girlfriend, with my pets and most of my stuff (I did abandon one or two silly things along the way). I took the time to pierce my septum and do some other crazy things, but that’s for another story.

Insert bad joke here.